Royal Correspondence: 71


Greek text:   ABSA_56.3.3   ( OGIS_257 )
Date:     109 B.C.
Tags:     inviolability ,   freedom

This letter was written during the civil war between Antiochos VIII Grypos and Antiochos IX Kyzikenos, when the rival kings were both offering concessions to win the support of the remaining cities in their kingdom.   The inscription was found near Paphos in Cyrpus; at the time of the letter, Ptolemy X was acting as governor of the island.

King Antiochos to king Ptolemaios, also called Alexandros, his brother, greetings. If you were well it would be as we wish; we ourselves were well and were remembering you with love. The people of Seleukeia in Pieria, the city holy and inviolable, [from of old] supported our father and throughout maintained steadfast their good-will towards him. They have been constant in their love toward us and have shown it [through many] fine deeds especially in the most desperate times we have experienced. We have therefore hitherto furthered their interests generously as they deserve and have brought them into [more conspicuous] honour. Now, being anxious to reward them fittingly with the first [and greatest] benefaction, [we have decided that they be] for all time free, [and we have entered them in the treaties] which we have mutually concluded, [thinking] that thus [our piety and generosity] toward our ancestral city will be more apparent. [So that you also may] know [these concessions, it seemed] best [to write you]. Farewell.   Year 203, Gorpiaios 29.

letter 72

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