Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 13.403


Greek text:   Melet_22.EA.17
Date:   181/0 B.C. 
Tags:     land_ownership ,   royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription was found in the ruins of Greia, a Macedonian town in the region of (probably) Eordaia.   Translated by M.Hatzopoulos, "Macedonian Institutions under the Kings" ( PDF ), who explains the context of the inscription in detail (pp. 95-101).

King Philippos to Archippos, greetings. I have sent [you] a copy of the memorandum submitted to me by Nikanor the tetrarch and his men. I concede therefore to them the arable lands of Korrhagos [son] of Perdikkas, one of the metics in Greia, [which] according to them has a surface of 50 plethra, as long as they perform the sacrifices in the month of Apellaios. You, [after transcribing] my letter, display it before the office of the overseers {epistasion}. In the 42nd year, on the . . . day of the month of Audnaios.

Memorandum to king Philippos from Nikanor son of Philotas, tetrarch, Theoxenos son of Kleitinos, hypaspistes, Bilos son of Nikanor, lochagos, and the Euiestai serving in the first lochos: Alexandros son of Proitos, Antigonos son of Alexandros, Nikanor son of Armennas, ...machos son of Krateuas, . . . son of Antigonos, Anti... . . . 

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