Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 38.603


Greek text:   SEG_38.603
Provenance:   Dion , Macedonia
Date:   202-197 B.C.
Tags:     oaths ,   treaties-kings
Format:   see key to translations

Philippos put a garrison in the city of Lysimacheia, even though it was supposed to belong to the Aetolians (see Polyb_18.4 ). But if either he or the inhabitants of Lysimacheia hoped to gain much by this alliance, their hopes were short-lived. The city was soon afterwards destroyed in a Thracian raid, and it was later rebuilt by Antiochos III of Syria.

. . . [the treaty] shall be jointly sealed by . . . the generals and the [(?) prytaneis, and on behalf of the council of Lysimacheia] the secretary shall seal it with the public [signet and each one shall seal with their own signet, and shall send to] king Philippos [a copy of the agreement and treaty that has been made, and shall register] it in the public [records, and both sides shall abide by the agreement and the] treaty. The Lysimacheians shall not [enter into any alliance with anyone else] that is contrary to the alliance made with king [Philippos and his descendants, and] king Philippos [shall not enter into] any alliance [that is contrary to the alliance] made [with the Lysimacheians and their descendants]. In order that [the city may conveniently be maintained in security and (?) in peace] - both the forts and the [city of Lysimacheia - both sides] shall jointly use [the forts and the harbours. All these terms shall be binding, and if anything in them needs] to be corrected [later], concerning which, after jointly [deliberating] . . . the Lysimacheians [will agree with the envoys] of king Philippos son of king [Demetrios, and these will agree with the] envoys [appointed] by the Lysimacheians. [The Lysimacheians and those who dwell in their city] shall swear [the following] oath.

Oath of the Lysimacheians: I swear by Zeus, [Gē, Helios, Poseidon, Demeter, Apollo, Ares, Athena Areia, the Tauropolos], the gods of Samothrace, [and all the other gods and goddesses, that I will abide by] the friendship and alliance, which I have made [with king Philippos and his descendants, and I will be an ally of Philippos] as I have agreed in addition to the treaty, swearing to do so [for all time, and I will never abandon] the alliance in any way. If anyone [makes war against king Philippos or his descendants, I will not permit it, but I will come to their aid with all] my [strength]. If I keep my oath, [may it turn out well for me; but if I break my oath - the opposite].

[Oath of Philippos]: I swear by Zeus, [Gē, Helios] . . .

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