Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 39.1285


Greek text:   SEG_39.1285
Provenance:   Sardis , Lydia
Date:   213 B.C.
Tags:     royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

For a commentary on this incription, see J.Ma, "Antiochos III and the Cities of Western Asia Minor", p.287 (3)

(?) permitting everything that related to the improvement of your city, and now, intending that you should be in a better condition, we have done what was possible; we have set aside for the supply of oil for anointing the youths, in place of what you used to receive, 200 measures of oil per year, and to purchase this amount we have instructed that revenues should be set aside so that it will be readily available for you to receive in a regular manner. With regard to the soldiers billeted with you, we grant that instead of a half, they may occupy a third part of the buildings that you possess; and we release you from paying rent for the workshops, if the other cities also do not do this. We consider that you should be free from paying taxes during the three days when the Laodikeian festival is held by the city; and we have written to Zeuxis about these matters.

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