Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 41.625


Greek text:   SEG_41.625
Provenance:     Phanagoria , Cimmerian Bosporus
Date:   88/7 B.C
Tags:     mercenaries+garrisons

This decree lists privileges granted to some mercenaries in the kingdom of Mithridates VI, at a time when he was engaged in full-scale war with the Romans. For the historical context, see for instance E.A. Molev, "Bosporos under the Rule of Mithridates VI Eupator", pp. 323-325 ( PDF ).

The inscription was published with a German translation by J.G. Vinogradov & M. Wörrle, "Die Söldner von Phanagoreia" ( PDF ). Although the text is relatively short, it contains some unusual Greek words; there a helpful discussion of these words by Ph. Gauthier in "Bulletin Épigraphique", 1993, No. 377 ( Persée ).

In the reign of Mithridates Eupator, in year 210, the council and the people of Phanagoreia enrolled the soldiers from abroad as citizens, because they have served as soldiers with them for a long time and have done what is right in every way, and in all other respects they have behaved in a friendly and well-disposed manner towards their city; and they have bestowed on the soldiers the following privileges: they are not required to pay any city tax {politikon} that is due, or to (?) provide lodging or to pay any (?) surcharge; and they shall be exempt from all taxes and from all public duties 10 except military service in a general call-up; and they shall be entitled to sail out of and into the city without hindrance.

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