Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 47.604


Greek text: SEG_47.604
Date:   c. 160-140 B.C.
Provenance:   Corcyra   ( Corfu )
Tags:     arbitration ,   Roman_letters
Format:   see key to translations

Two fragments of this inscription were found in Corcyra.   The translation has been made from the Greek text in F.Camia, "Roma e le poleis", page 44, no. 4 ( PDF , with Italian translation ). For a discussion of the arbitration, see S.L.Ager, "Interstate Arbitrations in the Greek World, 337-90 B.C.", no. 131 ( Google Books ).

[A]   Publius Cornelius Blasio, son of Publius, praetor, sends greetings to the magistrates and people of Corcyra. Envoys of the Ambrakiots and Athamanes have approached me, to ask that I give them an audience with the senate. I gave them an audience with the senate. This is the resulting resolution of the senate.

5th July{3 Non.Quint.}, in the comitium. There were present at the writing of the resolution: Gnaeus Egnatius, son of Gaius, of the Stellatinan tribe; Titus Aufidius, son of Marcus, of the Poblilian tribe; Gaius Sempronius, son of Lucius . . .

[B]   Decision that was made [about the territory disputed between the Athamanes and Ambrakiots].   The [magistrates] of Corcyra . . . [to the magistrates of Ambrakia] . . . greetings. Satyros son of Andromachos [and] . . . [who were sent as envoys] by you handed over to us both [your decree and the] resolution [of the senate] that was given to you and to the [Athamanes] . . . [and] they spoke in accordance with what [was written] by you [in the decree] . . . therefore, know that we [have replied to] the envoys . . . five men [from the] magistrates who will travel . . . and will hear [the evidence] on the spot . . . those who are chosen on the sixth day as [we reckon] . . . [you] therefore should escort them to the [territory] . . . of the magistrates sent [by us] to you, with [the instructions] . . . the decision will be finalised for you in Corcyra . . . you too being sent; each party . . . the magistrates from us or not . . . know that according to the . . . [Farewell.]

Visit escorted by the Ambrakiots . . .

{ Only isolated phrases survive from the remainder of part B. }  

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