Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 53.1373


Greek text:   SEG_53.1373
Provenance:   Ilion , Troad
Date:   late 3rd century B.C.
Tags:     games+festivals ,   gymnasiarchs ,   leagues
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The 'Confederation of Athena Ilias' was in existence since at least the late 4th century B.C. ( Syll_330 ); its members joined together to celebrate the great festival of Panathenaia. For a detailed discussion of the date of this inscription, see J.Ma, "Dating the New Decree of the Confederation of Athena Ilias" ( PDF ). The inscription was first published in 2003 by T.Ízhan & M.Tombul, "A New Hellenistic Decree of to koinon tōn poleōn from Ilion" ( PDF ), and the translation is adapted from there.

When the agonothetes were:

and their colleagues, with Phaidros of Parion, the son of Polykrates, acting as secretary, during the Great Panathenaia, on the sixteenth day of the festival {panēgyris}, the decision of the councillors was as follows: since the youths and athletes and many people who attended the festival, have come to the council, requesting that the councillors consider in what manner 10 Antikles of Lampsakos, the son of Alexandros, should be honoured suitably for the honourable conduct which he displayed at the Small and the Great Panathenaia; and it is fitting that good and noble men should be honoured in a manner worthy of their zeal for the festival; and since Antikles has taken proper care to maintain his good repute regarding the gymnasium and has performed the duties of gymnasiarch as much as possible most zealously and has taken care of the other matters related to the office in a manner worthy of his fatherland that sent him and of the cities which celebrate the festival together; 20 and since he became conspicuous because he (?) considered the most authoritative and best objective to be receiving the praise given by the cities and the (?) ensuing honours, and he sought glory by neither sparing expenditure nor leaving anything lacking in zeal and munificence; accordingly it is well that the people of Lampsakos should be praised by the cities that share in the festival for sending a man who was worthy of the office; and in the same manner, that Antikles, the gymnasiarch, should be honoured by being crowned with a golden crown and with a bronze statue, and by the proclamation of the awards and by the recording of the decision 30 in whichever manner the councillors decide.

It is resolved by the councillors: the gymnasiarch Antikles of Lampsakos, the son of Alexandros, shall be be honoured with a golden crown and a bronze statue; the agonothetes shall announce the award of the crown and the statue at the gymnastic games, as follows: "The youths and the athletes crown Antikles of Lampsakos, the son of Alexandros, for managing the office of gymnasiarch in a fine manner, worthy of the festival." So that what has been written above may be accomplished and remain valid for all time, the agonothetes shall care that this decree is written on two marble steles; 40 one of them shall be erected in the sanctuary of Athena at Ilion and the other one shall be sent to Lampsakos. The agonothetes shall take care that the statue is erected in the sanctuary of Athena at Ilion; and on the base of the statue it shall be inscribed that the youths and the athletes crown Antikles of Lampsakos, the son of Alexandros, for managing the office of gymnasiarch in a fine manner, worthy of themselves and the festival; because if this is done, then others, seeing that good and noble men are worthily honoured by the federation {koinon} of the cities, and that they have achieved everlasting fame, 50 will zealously devote themselves to performing their duties in relation to the festival in a splendid manner, worthy of the goddess and the cities. The agonothete and the councillors who have been sent from Lampsakos shall take this decree to the people of Lampsakos and request them to take care that the stele is erected in the finest place possible. The councillors shall choose a delegation to be sent to the people of Ilion, which will request them to provide a prominent place in the sanctuary of Athena, in which the statue and the stele may be erected.

Demetrios of Ilion, the son of Protokleides, was chosen from among 3 of the agonothetes; 60 and Pythodoros of Lampsakos, the son of Metrotimos, and Plexippos of Lampsakos, the son of Demodokos, were chosen from among the councillors.

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