Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 55.922


Greek text:   SEG_55.922
Provenance:   Kos
Date:   c. 294-288 B.C.
Tags:     corn_supply ,   leagues
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription, although heavily restored, shows that there was a federation of Thessalian cities whose cult centre was the temple of Athena Itonia. Adapted from the translation by D.Graninger ( PDF ), who states that the decree was passed by Kos in response to a gift of grain from the Thessalians.

With Good Fortune, let it be resolved by the people [. . . to praise] the cities in Thessaly and [to crown them with a gold crown worth] 300 Alexandrian [gold pieces] on account of the virtue [and honourable conduct and good-will which they continually have] for the city of the Koans in every [circumstance: and let it be resolved to select three ambassadors from everyone]. Let those who have been selected, after arriving, [. . . issue this decree and announce] this crown in Itonos [and let them dedicate it in the sanctuary of Athena, common to all the Thessalians], after inscribing: ‘The people of the Kos [crowns the cities in Thessaly because of their virtue] and good-will.’ And let them urge [theThessalians and their cities to continue in] the future to keep [their existing good-will and friendship towards the people], making it clear that the people in [the past has approved fitting rewards for] benefactions, both publicly concerning all [the Thessalians and individually concerning the benefactors of] our city; and in the future . . .

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