Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 55.926


Greek text:   SEG_55.926 ,   IG_12.4.1.306 (with German translation)
Provenance:   Kos
Date:   c. 188 B.C.
Tags:     divine_honours
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription is similar to several others found in Kos, all containing regulations for the appointment of priests. But the others are for priests of the Olympian gods; this one is for a priest of a living king. It shows how far the cult of rulers had become established by this time, that Eumenes should be awarded such honours by an independent city outside his own realm.

For another translation of this inscription, with commentary, see CGRN_164 .

With good fortune; this statement was composed by the men who were appointed concerning the sacrifices and the other honours that are performed for king Eumenes, and the terms on which the priesthood should be sold, namely: Leonidas son of Dioskouridas, Didymarchos son of Sostratos and Makarinos son of Aristarchos.

The man who purchases the priesthood of Eumenes shall be unscathed and healthy and not less than eight years old; he shall receive as portions of honour the skins of all the sacrificial victims and the leg of yearlings; he shall lay out the victims for all those making sacrifices; he shall wear a wreath at the sacrifices and honours and games that are performed for king Eumenes; he shall pour libations in all the other games, in the same way as the other priests, and he shall sit in in privileged seat; and he shall be released from all liturgies except trierarchy. The poletai shall let out a contract for the priesthood of king Eumenes in the month of Petageitnyos in the year after the current monarchos. The priest shall pay the fee to the treasurers; he shall make three payments, the first in the month of Kaphisios in the year after the monarchos . . .

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