Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 57.443


Greek text:   ZPE_163(2007).p83
Provenance:   Koroneia , Boeotia
Date:     mid 2nd century B.C. 
Tags:     poets+musicians
Format:   see key to translations

This decree does not state the reason for Zotion's visits to Koroneia; but during the Hellenistic period there was a festival at Koroneia called Pamboiotia, which - though it apparently did not include contests for poets - would have been a suitable opportunity for performing to a large crowd. 

The translation is adapted from A.Schachter and W.J.Slater, "A Proxeny Decree from Koroneia, Boiotia, in Honour of Zotion Son of Zotion, of Ephesos" (ZPE, 2007).

When . . . [was archon], it was resolved by the councillors {synedroi} and people of [Koroneia]:   since Zotion of Ephesos, the son of Zotion, [a composer] of tragedies and satyr plays, on an earlier visit [to our city] conducted himself decorously and in a manner befitting [the city and himself], and, on the present occasion, [he has presented] recitals of his poetical works, and, in commemorating our city and Athena, who [more than the other] Olympians has ruled the city from its beginning, he has been highly esteemed;   therefore, in order [it may be clear that the city] honours deserving men, it is resolved by the [councillors and people] of Koroneia to praise [the poet] Zotion [of Ephesos], the son of Zotion, [for] his industry [and] for his conduct in general; and to honour [him] with seventy drachmas [in silver]; the treasurer in office when . . . is archon shall promptly give an account of this to [the overseers {katoptai}]; he and his descendants [shall have] proxeny and [all] the other honours [which] are granted to the other proxenoi and benefactors of the city [of Koroneia]; and the councillors and people of Koroneia shall crown him with a crown of olive.  The polemarchs shall inscribe [this decree] in the most prominent place.

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