Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 59.1406B


Greek text: SEG_59.1406B
Provenance:   Aegae , Aeolis
Date:   c. 280 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription, found at Aigai on the back of the same stone as SEG_59.1406A, was first published in 2009 by H.Malay & M.Ricl (Epigraphica Anatolica, vol. 42 - PDF ); their translation is reproduced here, with a few minor changes. For some comments on the decree and the state of Thessaly at that time, see R.Parker, "The Thessalian Olympia" ( ); he suggests that the decree was issued about 280 B.C., whereas the original editors preferred a date later on in the 3rd century B.C.

. . . inscribe this one as well on a stone stele . . . the cost for this will be [covered by] . . .

Speudoun the priest [(?) will make known] the gratitude of Thessalians at the Olympic festival, during the games in honour of Thessalos; since Speudoun, the priest of Zeus Olympios, made known the goodwill that Aiolians, Koans and the Magnesians on the Maiandros had towards Thessalians, on the basis of the fact that all the cities have established a festival and a sacrifice for Zeus Olympios and for the hero Thessalos and for all the other gods and have prayed that all Thessalians and their own citizens may jointly enjoy security, prosperity, fertility; therefore the Thessalians have decreed that they shall be exempt from paying duties on everything except on what they might import or export for trade purposes, and also that they all shall be granted citizenship wherever they want in Thessaly, and that they shall have in common cities, cults and all the other things as Thessalians do: and that Aiolians, Koans and Magnesians on the Maiandros shall have the right of marriage wherever they want in Thessaly. Speudoun the priest shall see to it that the decree is inscribed on stone steles and (?) set up in Olympion and in Itonos and in Larissa in the sanctuary of Apollo Kerdoios; there shall also be inscribed the names of the cities taking part in the sacrifice to Zeus Olympios and the games. The decree was proposed at the Olympic festival, when Speudoun was priest of Zeus Olympios for the second time, and when the tagoi in Larissa were Timounidas son of Alexias, Aristonoos son of Iagetas, Hipparchos son of Soukrateis, Hippodromos son of Pantaponos, and Klearchos son of Deinippos.

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