Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 63.746


Greek text:   SEG_63.746 
Provenance:   Hierapytna , Crete 
Date:   c. 246-236 B.C.
Tags:     treaties-kings
Format:   see key to translations

This treaty was clearly formed at the request of Seleukos II, king of Syria, who wanted to secure the assistance of Cretan soldiers in the wars that he was fighting ? either the Third Syrian War ( 246-241 ) or the war against Antiochos Hierax ( 239-236 B.C. ).

With good fortune.   At Hierapytna, when the kosmoi were Antimenes, Exakestidas, Herakleidas, Hyperochos, Charmylos, Leptinas, Samagoras and lon; after (?) Euphranor son of Anaxagoras arrived as envoy from king Seleukos, it was resolved by the kosmoi and the city of Hierapytna that king Seleukos son of king Antiochos and his descendants shall have friendship and alliance with the Hierapytnians for all time; and if king Seleukos has need of an allied force, it shall be sent in full strength, as much as possible; and king Seleukos shall provide transport for the allied force that is sent . . .

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