Select Papyri, 1.11


Greek text:   POxy 1895
Date:   A.D. 554.

In the 28th year of the reign of our most godlike and pious master Flavius Justinianus the eternal Augustus and Imperator, the 13th year after the consulship of Flavius Basilius the most illustrious in the . . . indiction. Aurelia Herais daughter of John and Susanna, of . . ., to . . . -seller, son of Menas, and Maxima your wife, daughter of . . greeting. . . years ago, more or less, my husband died, and I was left toiling and suffering hardship for my daughter by him, in order to provide for her the necessary sustenance; and now, not having the means to maintain her she being nine years old, more or less, I have asked you . . . to receive her from me as your daughter, and I acknowledge that I have handed her over to you from now for all succeeding time as your legal daughter, so that you shall supply her needs and fill the place of parents to daughter, and I have no power henceforth to take her away from you. If I do so, I agree to pay you for all the expenses of her maintenance, pledging for the rights of this agreement all my property present and future, specifically and as a whole, by way of security and by right of mortgage. This agreement, written in one copy only, is valid, and in answer to the formal question I have given my consent.

{Signed}   I, Aurelia Herais . . .

papyrus 12

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