Select Papyri, 1.110


Greek text:   PFay 123
Date:   About A.D. 100.

Harpocration to Bellenus Sabinus his brother greeting. I wrote to you yesterday too by your man Mardon, wishing you to know that because of the annoyance I have been subjected to I was unable to come down, and as I have to spend a few days here, if you think fit send the receipt (?) of Isas and let us take over the rest of the oil, if you approve. Theophilus the Jew has come saying, "I have been impressed as a cultivator, and I want to go to Sabinus." He did not say anything to me when he was taken, asking to be released, but he has suddenly told me to-day. I will find out whether he is speaking the truth. Goodbye. Salute my brothers Lycus and . . . Mecheir 12.

{Addressed}   Deliver to Bellenus Sabinus.

papyrus 111

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