Select Papyri, 1.119


Greek text:   PHamb 86
Date:   2nd cent. A.D.

Ptolema to Antas her brother greeting. You write to Longinus (?) to look out for the praefect. Lo, the praefect has gone up. If you extricate yourself successfully, come here quickly before the praefect, in order that we may be able to have the youngster examined. All the fields are in good condition. The southern basin of the 17 arourai has been sold for the use of the cattle. Your cattle have eaten one aroura and gone off to Pansoue. All the land there has been given over to the cattle. The west of the vegetable plot has been given over for grass-cutting. We have sold the grass in the cleruchies, excepting the six eastern basins, for 112 drachmas. Grass is exceedingly (?) cheap. Three arourai were bought for you through Vetranius for 130 drachmas for growing grass, and they have been sold through him again for the use of sheep for 88 drachmas. Longinus and Sarapion and all at home salute you. Vibius has gone off to Psenuris to sell the corn. Your people are all well. Goodbye. Mecheir 30.

papyrus 120

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