Select Papyri, 1.123


Greek text:   PRyl 233
Date:   2nd cent. A.D.

. . . stream, and the entrance and exit for all the workmen is by the side way; but when we bring the work to a happy conclusion, then the roof also will be made secure. The stair has been balustered and the portico will have a balustrade made for it along with that of the small dining-hall. The beams of the windows of the large dining-hall have to-day been partly fixed. The second water-cooling closet is to be roofed to-morrow. The owners of the open space in front of your gateway live in the village; I will report to Heraclius in order that he may send to them. I have sent you the account from the beginning to the 14th of Pauni, written continuously but divided into four sections, to be submitted to your guardian in order that he, having fresh in his mind the prices of the fittings which he buys, may feel no suspicion with regard to the account. For I wrote to you, my lord, on another occasion that nothing is being bought without his cognisance. I pray that I may see you, my lord, enjoying further advancement and solid prosperity. Goodbye, my lord. Pauni 20.

papyrus 124

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