Select Papyri, 1.14


Greek text:   POxy 725
Date:   A.D. 183

Ischyrion son of Heradion and of . . ., of Oxyrhynchus, and Heraclas son of Sarapion also called Leon son of Heracleides and of . . ., of the same city, weaver, make this mutual acknowledgement. Ischyrion agrees that he has apprenticed to Heraclas the . . . of . . ., Thonis, a minor, to learn the art referred to from the 1st of next month, Phaophi, for a period of five years, and he will deliver him to attend his teacher for the stated period every day from sunrise to sunset, doing everything that he is ordered by the said teacher like other such apprentices, and being fed by Ischyrion. And for the first two years and for seven months of the 3rd year Heraclas shall pay no wages for the boy, but in the remaining five months of the said 3rd year Heraclas shall pay as wages of the said apprentice 12 drachmas a month, and in the 4th year likewise for wages 16 drachmas a month, and in the 5th year likewise 24 drachmas a month and Heraclas shall furnish to the said apprentice in the current 24th year a tunic worth 16 drachmas, and in the coming 25th year a second tunic worth 20 drachmas, and in the 26th year likewise another tunic worth 24 drachmas, and in the 27th year another tunic worth 28 drachmas, and in the 28th year likewise another tunic worth 32 drachmas. The boy shall have twenty holidays a year on account of festivals without any deduction from his wages after the payment of wages begins; but if he is idle for longer than this or is absent through illness or insubordination or for any other reason, Ischyrion shall be bound to deliver him to his teacher for an equivalent number of days, to remain with him and perform all his duties as aforesaid without wages, being fed by Ischyrion, because the contract has been made on these terms. Heraclas on the other side consents to all these provisions and agrees to instruct the apprentice fully in the aforesaid art in the space of five years as far as he knows it himself and to pay the monthly wages as aforesaid, beginning from the 8th month of the 3rd year. Neither of them shall be permitted to violate any of the aforesaid provisions, and the one who violates them shall forfeit to the one who observes them a penalty of 100 drachmas and to the Treasury the like amount. This agreement is valid. The 24th year of the Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus Armeniacus Medicus Parthicus Sarmaticus Germanicus Maximus, Thoth 25.

{Signed}   I, Heraclas son of Sarapion also called Leon, have made this agreement and consent to all the aforesaid provisions. I, Thonis also called Morous son of Harthonis, have written for him, as he is illiterate.

papyrus 15

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