Select Papyri, 1.146


Greek text:   PFlor 338
Date:   3rd cent. AD.

Horion to his brother Celeas greeting. It will be a pious act if you prepare that petition as I drafted it with you in the city. For I have Herapion now ready to set out through the Mareotic nome in order to put it in execution when he reaches Alexandria; for we have no zealous man except him. So, brother, exert yourself; and now perhaps your zeal and affection will triumph over my mischance. About the assistants of the decemprimi and Asclepiades you have not informed me further. Inform me then, my lord brother, even now, as I know that you are exerting yourself for me conscientiously for I have been besmirched before all men. I pray for your health.

papyrus 147

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