Select Papyri, 1.159


Greek text:   POxy 123
Date:   3rd or 4th cent. A.D.

To my lord and son Dionysotheon greeting from his father. Having had the luck to find someone going up to you I felt obliged to address you. I am much surpriscd, my son, that till to-day I have received from you no news of your welfare. Nevertheless, my master, reply to me promptly ; for I am quite distressed at having had no letter from you. Go to my brother Theodorus and make him betake himself to Timotheus and tell him to make his preparations for going in to attend the sitting. For the notaries of the other cities have already apprised their colleagues before they went in. So let the one who goes be informed that when he enters he must do so in proper dress, in order that he may prepare himself before entering. Surely they will not wish to let us meet each other uninformed, when we know that the same rule applies to us all. For we were ordered to enter in our cloaks, wherefore let the one who goes go prepared to attend the sitting. I salute my sweetest daughter Macaria and my mistress your mother and all the family, each by name. I pray for your lasting health, my lord and son. Epeiph 22.

{Addressed}   To my lord and son Dionysotheon from Ischyrion, tabularius.

papyrus 160

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