Select Papyri, 1.162


Greek text:   POxy 120
Date:   4th cent. A.D.

Hermias to his sister greeting. Well now, what to write to you I know not, for I have talked and talked to you till I am tired, and yet you pay no heed. When a man finds himself in misfortune, he ought to draw back and not simply fight against fate. Though lowly and unfortunate by birth, are we not even so to give heed to ourselves? So far then nothing at all has been done. Notwithstanding, if you really care, send me someone, either Gunthus or Ammonius, to remain with me until I know how my affairs stand. Am I to be delayed or even obstructed until God takes pity on us? For Hermias is anxious to return to you; though I asked him to remain, he refused, saying that he has pressing business and must return and that his son Gennadius is unable to attend to the property, especially now that he has left home and is at his post. Manage your local affairs properly, or our disasters will be complete. For we are resolved not to continue in misfortune. Goodbye and may you prosper always.

Hermias to his son Gunthus greeting. Unless Ammonius is coming to me at once, put everything aside and come yourself, letting him do your work. But see that you do not fail me in my straits. And let me know how Didymus has been. Does time really bring everything to fulfilment? I pray for your health.

papyrus 163

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