Select Papyri, 1.164


Greek text:   POxy 1223
Date: Late 4th cent. A.D.

To my lord and brother Horion from Hermias. I shall be surprised if my messenger finds the boat of the landlord with you. If, however, owing to some carelessness he finds it there, make haste at once to dispatch the sailor to the city along with the assistant whom I have sent. Now see that you do not neglect this. If there is a calm and he cannot bring up the boat to-day, let the sailor ensue himself to make a bond; for I am being worried not a little. If you neglect this, owing to the absence of the landlord our house is like to join company with misfortune through that pestilent Ammonius the speculator and the praefect's agent. If you have by you any silver coins or solidi, send them in haste; for I have incurred so many obligations and I shall be trusted no longer if I do not deal fairly. Send and tell your people to deliver to me the remainder of the wine and one and a half units of the general amount. The solidus now stands at 2020 myriads; it has fallen. Do not neglect to send the boat or the sailor to-day. I pray for your lasting health, brother. {Addressed} To my lord and brother Horion from Hermias.

papyrus 165

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