Select Papyri, 1.37


Greek text:   PSI 1016
Date:   129 B.C.

In the 42nd year of the reign of Ptolemy the god Euergetes, son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra, gods Epiphaneis, and of Queen Cleopatra his wife the goddess Euergetis, the priest of Alexander and the gods Soteres and the gods Adelphi and the gods Euergetae and the gods Philopatores and the gods Epiphaneis and the god Philometor and the god Eupator and the gods Euergetae, the athlophoros of Berenice Euergetis, the kanephoros of Arsinoē Philadelphus, the priestess of Arsinoē Philopator, likewise the priests and priestesses in Ptolemais, being those now in office, on the 29th of the month Hathur, at Diospolis Magna in the Thebaid, before Heracleides, agoranomos of the nome of Peri Thebas. Sennouthis daughter of Horus from Memnonea in the Libyan district of the Pathyrite nome, aged about 30, of medium height, fair-skinned, round-faced, snub-nosed, scar beside right corner of mouth, large cheeks, having with her as guardian her kinsman on the mother's side Harsiesis son of Patemis and Labais, taktomisthos of the infantrymen of Ptolemaeus son of Pyrrhus, aged about 35, of medium height, fair-skinned, rather curly-haired, broad-faced, straight-nosed, ears large and prominent and the left one pierced, and Harsiesis himself have sold the privilege which they possess of ten holy days in each year with their proceeds and rights of office and everything that pertains to them or will accrue to them and the portion falling to them of the intercalary days and everything pertaining thereto in the temple of Aphrodite called Hathur Nouemontesema among the tombs opposite those of Memnonea. Psenminis son of Peteminis, of Memnonea, aged about 40, of medium height, fair-skinned, smooth-haired, broad-faced, straight-nosed, scar on both sides of forehead, has bought them for four talents of copper money. Guarantors of all the terms of this sale: the vendors, whom Psenminis the purchaser has accepted.

papyrus 38

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