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  Greek text:   SB 24.15974
Date:   132 B.C. 

For another document referring to Boēthos, the founder of the city of Euergetis, see OGIS_111.   The founding of a city in the south of Egypt, in the 2nd century B.C., was an unusual event.

This document was not included in the original collection; the translation is taken from K. Mueller, "Settlements of the Ptolemies", pp.134-5 ( Google Books ).   See also C. Fischer-Bovet, "Army and Society in Ptolemaic Egypt;", pp.228-9 ( Google Books ).   

In the reign of king Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy, queen Kleopatra, the sister and queen Kleopatra, the wife, the gods Euergetai, in year 38, 1st  Mecheir. There was measured a stathmos  in the city of Euergetis, which is just being founded, following an order of Boethos, syngenēs {"kinsman"}, epistrategos and strategos of the Thebais, ktistēs {"founder"}, by Paniskos, the stathmodotes and antigrapheus for Tanupis, daughter of Tpheophis, innkeeper at the rectangular market as a place to live, tax-free and free from transfer fees or any other such fees; rather she shall own this property. She is allowed to bequeath it to her children, her husband and her close relatives or whomever she wants to bequeath it to, as long as they are registered as relatives of those serving in the army in the city, nor shall they be liable for any charge, neither those who inherit it, nor those who bequeath the property, according to the privileges granted by the ktistēs {"founder"}.

A stathmos was measured out as 2 square-cubits, total 2 cubits, from south to north being 20 cubits, from west to east being 10 cubits. The neighbours are: to the south the shop of the jeweller Petosiris, to the north other shops, to the east a stoa, to the west a street of 10 cubits.

I, Paniskos, as is described above, have measured out for Tanuphis, daughter of Tpheophis, innkeeper at the rectangular market, 2 cubits, which totals: 2 cubits; in year 38, 1st Mecheir.

Registered in year 41, 3rd Pauni.

papyrus 39

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