Select Papyri, 1.39


Greek text:   PCol 270 C.1   ( PColZen_54 )
Date:   256 B.C.

In the 30th year of the reign of Ptolemy son of Ptolemy Soter, the priest of Alexander and the gods Adelphi being Alexander son of Leonidas, the kanephoros of Arsinoe Philadelphus being Prepusa daughter of Demetrius, in the month Panemus, or in Egyptian style Epeiph 10. Hegesarchus son of Theopompus and Theopompus son of Hegesarchus and Nicodemus son of Hegesarchus, all three Macedonians of the Epigone, have taken on contract for a year from Zenon son of Agreophon, Caunian, in the service of Apollonius the dioiketes, from the 10,000 arourai given by the king to Apollonius the dioiketes at Philadelphia in the Arsinoite nome, 100 arourai of arable land in the 3rd basin which stretches from north to south, at a rent in wheat of 71/8 artabas for each aroura, warranted against risk and not subject to deduction of any kind. There will be given as seed for the wheat-bearing land half an artaba to the aroura and for the barley-bearing land a proportionate amount, and to meet expenses one artaba of barley for each aroura and for weeding half an artaba of barley and for wood-cutting, if brushwood should be met with, as much as may be judged sufficient to be given for each arura. Hegesarchus and Theopompus and Nicodemus shall measure out the corn for rent at the granary in Philadelphia in accordance with the ordinance concerning corn-collecting in the month Daesius of the 31st year and shall likewise repay whatever corn they may receive for seed and for weeding and to meet expenses and whatever money they may borrow for the brushwood, or corn in place of the money, wheat at the rate of one artaba for 1 drachma 2 obols in copper and barley at a proportionate rate. Hegesarchus and Theopompus and Nicodemus shall sow two-thirds of the land which they have taken on contract with wheat and the other third with barley. If they fail to do as they have agreed, Zenon shall be at liberty to let the land to others; and whatever loss they may cause to the revenue of Apollonius or whatever they may owe in respect of rent and loans, they shall forfeit to Zenon forthwith one and a half times that amount, and Zenon or his representative shall have the right of execution upon themselves and their sureties and all their property, both upon one and upon all, as in the case of debts to the Crown. Sureties for payment of the obligations of the contract : the contracting parties, each for the other, and Ammonius son of Theon, Cyrenaean, one of the employees. This deed shall be valid wherever produced. Witnesses: Damis son of Cleon, Sostratus son of Cleon, both Heleneans; Theopompus son of Aristion, Thessalian, physician; Diodorus son of Zopyrus, Magnesian, in the service of Apollonius the dioiketes; Agathinus son of Pyrrhus, Cyrenaean, one of the employees; Anosis son of Totorchois, Saite, village scribe of Philadelphia. Keeper of the contract : Damis.

papyrus 40

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