Select Papyri, 1.4


Greek text:   PRyl 154
Date:   A.D. 66.

Copy of contract. The 13th year of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Imperator, the 22nd of the month Apellaeus or 22nd of Phaophi, at Bacchias in the division of Heracleides in the Arsinoite nome. Chaeremon son of Apollonius, Persian of the Epigone, aged about 34 years, with a scar on the middle of the nose, acknowledges to Sisois son of Peteesis, aged about 71 years, with a scar on the left eyebrow, that he has received from him as a dowry on his daughter Thaisarion, who has previously been living with Chaeremon as his wife *, a hundred drachmas of coined silver and as parapherna a pair of gold earrings weighing four quarters, a gold crescent of three quarters, two gold rings of two quarters, a pair of silver armlets weighing 44 drachmas of uncoined metal, two bracelets weighing 16 drachmas of uncoined metal; clothing consisting of two robes, one white and one narcissus, and five mantles; copper vessels and a basin, weighing in all four minas, two copper . . . unweighed, and five minas of tin; and without valuation in usufruct and as a gift from the current 13th year of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Imperator the katoikic holding of l03/4 arourai owned by Sisois in the area of Bacchias in two plots, one of them consisting of 73/4 arourai of a holding in the place called Sade, the boundaries of which are, on the south the holding formerly belonging to Heracleides son of Zoilus, on the north the holding of Apollonius son of Straton, on the west the canal called that of Archias by which the holding is drained, on the east the holding of Petheus son of Ptollis, separated by a common water-channel by which the holding is irrigated, and the second plot comprising the remaining three arourai in the place called after Pieneouis, the boundaries of which are, on the south the holding of Bacchion son of Ammonius, on the north the holding of. . son of . . ., on the west the canal into which the holding drains, on the east the holding of Pisistratus. Wherefore let the parties to the marriage, Thaisarion and Chaeremon, live together blamelessly as they have previously been doing, Chaeremon conducting all the agricultural work of each year on the 103/4 arourai of the holding which forms the gift, sowing and harvesting the yearly crops and after-crops grown thereon from the said current year and carrying them to the common home of their wedded life, and paying thereon all the yearly public dues both in corn and in money from the said current year. If on a difference arising between them they separate from each other, whether Chaeremon sends Thaisarion away or she voluntarily leaves him, the above-mentioned holding of 103/4 arourai shall belong to Thaisarion's father Sisois or, if he be no longer alive, to Thaisarion herself; and Chaeremon shall moreover return to her the aforesaid dowry and the parapherna in whatever state they may eventually be through wear, in the case of dismissal immediately, and in the case of her voluntary departure within thirty days from the date of the demand. In whatever year the separation of the parties to the marriage takes place, the proceeds of the holding for the twelve months of the year of the divorce shall be divided, and Chaeremon shall receive a share proportionate to the number of months during which Thaisarion shall have remained in their common home and Sisois the remainder, the public dues on the holding and loans of seed having first been deducted. To enforce the terms of the contract Sisois or, if he is no longer alive, Thaisarion and her assigns shall have the right of execution upon Chaeremon and all his property as if by legal decision. The signatory for Sisois is . . . son of Hermas, aged about 41 years, with a scar on the right side of the forehead, Chaeremon being literate.

* {Note}: without a formal contract, but in a recognised form of union.

papyrus 5

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