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Greek text:   POxy 1628
Date:   73 B.C.

The 9th year of the reign of Ptolemy and Cleopatra also called Tryphaena, gods Philopatores and Philadelphi, and the rest of the formula as written in Alexandria, the 15th of the month Apellaeus or Phaophi, at Oxyrhynchus in the Thebaid. Sarapion son of Apollonius, Macedonian, of the katoikic cavalry, has leased from his holding to Apollonius also called Pan . . . son of Ischyrion also called Nechthenibis, Persian of the Epigone, both parties domiciled in the street of Cleopatra Aphrodite, the 15 arourai which he owns near Sepho for the 9th year, on condition that he sows the 3 in the holding of Diodes with wheat and half of the 12 arourai in the holding of Philon with barley and the other half with lentils, at a rent of 4 artabas for each aroura in accordance with the survey of the land assigned for sowing with corn. And Apollonius acknowledges that he has received from Sarapion for seed and for the other expenses of sowing 71/2 artabas of barley and 71/2 artabas of lentils, repayable at par, and for clearing the land from rushes 1500 drachmas of copper, not repayable, all free from risk of any sort and not subject to deduction. With regard to the rent, if apart from the taxes Apollonius is called upon to pay anything to the Treasury or meet any other claim whatsoever upon Sarapion or upon the land, he shall deduct the amount from the rent; and Sarapion shall own the crops until he receives the rent . . .

{Endorsed}   Year 9. Lease . . .

papyrus 40A

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