Select Papyri, 1.40A


  Greek text:   POxy 1629
Date:   44 B.C.

The main interest of this contract, which was not included in the original collection, lies in the reference to Ptolemy XIV in the date at the start.  It is not certain exactly when Ptolemy XIV died (see Chris Bennett, note 10), but it is clear that the residents of Oxyrhynchus thought that he was still alive in July of 44 B.C.   The end of the contract has been lost, but it was no doubt similar to SelPap_40.

In the 8th year of the reign of Cleopatra and Ptolemy, gods Philopatores, and the rest of the formula as written in Alexandria, on the 27th of the month of Gorpiaeus, which is the same as Epeiph, at Oxyrhynchus in the Thebaid.  Theon son of Theon, of the katoikic cavalry, has leased to Apollonius also called Harbichis, son of Apollonius also called Harbichis, Persian of the Epigone, both being from the street of Cleopatra Aphrodite, the holding of 30 arourai which belongs to him at (Paimis), on condition that Apollonius shall sow half of it for the 9th year with wheat and cultivate the other half with arakos, at a rent for each aroura sown with wheat of 6 artabas of hard wheat, unmixed with barley, and for each aroura sown with arakos likewise . . . artabas of hard wheat, unmixed with barley.  And Apollonius acknowledges that he has received from Theon for seed . . . 

papyrus 41

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