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Greek text:   POxy 1892
Date:   A.D. 581.

In the 7th year of the reign of our most godlike and pious master and greatest benefactor Flavius Tiberius Novus Constantinus the eternal Augustus and Imperator, the 3rd year of the consulship of our said most pious master, Thoth [.], 15th indiction. To the worshipful Epimachus, overseer of the Imperial estate, son of Justus of blessed memory, of this illustrious city of Oxyrhynchus, from Hareotes, presbyter of the holy church, son of Phib and Rebecca, native of the estate of Apel in the Oxyrhynchite nome, greeting. I acknowledge that I have received from your worship on loan from hand to hand out of your house for my pressing needs three gold solidi current coin on the private standard, total 3 gold solidi private standard, and these I agree to deliver to your reverence in three instalments as follows: in the month Hathur of the current 258th=227th year in the present fifteenth indiction one gold solidus, in the month Hathur of the coming first indiction another gold solidus, and in the month Hathur of the succeeding second indiction the remaining solidus, without deduction, under the stipulation that, if I make default in the payment of the first or second or third instalment, your worship may occupy and use the half aroura belonging to me by right of descent and situated in the field called that of the crooked . . . in my said estate to the north of the cistern, with my claim to a share in the said cistern and all rights, and thereby amass the equivalent of the said debt, on the security of my property, which is pledged to this end. This deed, written in one copy only, is valid, and in answer to the formal question I have given my consent.

{Signed}   I, Hareotes, presbyter, son of Phib, the above-mentioned, have made this deed concerning the three solidi as acknowledged above, and I agree to all that is therein written as aforesaid. I have written for him, as he is illiterate

{Subscribed}   Executed by me, . .

{Endorsed}   Deed of Hareotes, presbyter, son of Phib, of the estate of Apel, concerning 8 gold solidi on the private standard.

papyrus 65

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