Select Papyri, 1.67


Greek text:   PAmh 50
Date:   106 B.C.

The 11th which is also the 8th year, Mesore 14, in Crocodilopolis, before Paniscus, agoranomus of the upper toparchy of the Pathyrite nome. Herienouphis son of Psemminis, one of those who have returned in consequence of the order, has lent to Eunous son of Patseous and to Patseous son of Orses, both of them Persians of the Epigone from Pathyris, five talents two thousand drachmas of copper money without interest for thirty days from the 11th of Mesore of the aforesaid year. This loan the borrowers shall repay to Herienouphis on the 5th of the month Thoth of the 12th which is also the 9th year. If they do not repay in the specified time as written above, they shall forthwith forfeit on the following day the 5 talents 2000 dr. increased by one half and interest for the overtime at the rate of two drachmas on the mina each month. The borrowers themselves are sureties for each other for the payment of all the liabilities of this loan, and Herienouphis shall have the right of execution upon their persons together or singly or upon whichever he chooses and upon all their property as if by legal decision.

papyrus 68

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