Select Papyri, 1.68


Greek text:   PTeb 110
Date:   92 or 59 B.C.

Petesouchus also called Peteuris son of Selebous, Persian of the Epigone, to Hermias also called Hergeus son of Petesouchus, greeting. I acknowledge that I have received from you 241/2 artabas of wheat with an additional one half, which I will repay to you in the month Pauni of the 22nd year conveyed to Kerkeosiris and measured by the dromos measure. If I fail to repay you, I will forfeit to you forthwith as the value of each artaba 3000 drachmas of copper or the highest price then current, and a fine of 60 drachmas of coined silver and the damage, and to the Treasury the like amount. This bond shall be valid wherever produced. Goodbye. The 22nd year, Mecheir 23.

papyrus 69

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