Select Papyri, 1.7


Greek text:   POxy 266
Date:   A.D. 96.

The 16th year of the Emperor Caesar Domitianus Augustus, on the [.] of the month Germanicus, at Oxyrhynchus in the Thebaid. Thaesis daughter of Thonis son of Amithonis, her mother being Sintheus, having with her as guardian her step-father Onnophris son of Onnophris son of Pammenes, his mother being Taarthonis, acknowledges to her late husband Petosarapis son of Thompekusis son of Sarapion, his mother being Sinthonis, all parties inhabitants of Oxyrhynchus, by agreement executed in the street, that she has received from him the capital sum of 400 silver drachmas of the Imperial coinage which she brought him as a dowry on herself, his mother Sinthonis daughter of Petosarapis son of . . . being guarantee, in accordance with a contract of marriage drawn up through the office of the agoranomi in Oxyrhynchus on the intercalary days of the 14th year of the Emperor Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus, and that she has herewith returned to him the authoritative document crossed and cancelled because the marriage is dissolved, and that she neither makes nor will make any claim nor will proceed against him on account of the aforesaid sum or of the parapherna, since she has received them back, or of anything else up to the present date. Petosarapis likewise acknowledges, in the street as said, that he neither makes nor will make any claim nor take proceedings against Thaesis or her assigns about any matter whatsoever up to the present day.

papyrus 8

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