Select Papyri, 1.82


Greek text:   PEleph 2   L.1-18
Date:   284 B.C.

In the 40th year of the reign of Ptolemy, the month Gorpiaeus, Menelaus son of Lagus being priest. Contract and agreement. Dionysius, Temnian, has made this testamentary pact with his wife Callista, Temnian. Should aught happen to Dionysius, he shall leave all his property to Callista and she shall be owner of all the property so long as she lives. Should aught happen to Callista while Dionysius is alive, Dionysius shall be owner of the property; and should aught happen to Dionysius, he shall leave the property to all his sons. In like manner Callista, should aught happen to her, shall leave the property to all the sons, except the portions which Bacchius, Heracleides and Metrodorus may receive from Dionysius and Callista for their labours in the lifetime of their father and mother; but if Bacchius, Heracleides and Metrodorus are married and settled, the property of Dionysius and Callista shall be shared in common by all the sons. If in their lifetime Dionysius or Callista is in need or in debt, all the sons in common shall support them and contribute to pay their debts. If any one of them refuses to support them or contribute or does not help to bury them, he shall forfeit 1000 drachmas of silver and there shall be right of execution on him who is insubordinate and does not act in the manner stated. If Dionysius or Callista leaves any debt, it shall be permissible for their sons not to take up the inheritance if they do not wish to after the death of Dionysius and Callista. This contract shall be valid in every respect wherever it is produced, as if the compact had been made there. They have of their own free will placed the contract in the keeping of Heraclitus. Witnesses Polycrates, Arcadian; Androsthenes, Coan; Numenius, Cretan; Simonides, Maronean; Lysis and Heraclitus, Temnians.

papyrus 83

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