Select Papyri, 2.233


Greek text:   PEleph 14
Date:   About 223 B.C.

We offer (the properties) for sale on the following terms. The successful bidders shall pay annually to the Crown in the case of the vineyards the proper money taxes and the apomoira due to (Arsinoe) Philadelphus, and for the arable land the rents in kind which have been imposed upon it and whatever other payment is required in respect of such land. They shall pay the price of that which concerns (?) the Crown to the royal bank, and of that which concerns any of the temples (?) to its own banker (?), in 3 years, the 4th part of the whole price of the priestly offices in gold or silver of the new coinage and the remainder in copper with the customary agio at the rate of 10 drachmas 21/2 obols on the mina, and the price of the other landed property in copper with the customary agio, and they shall pay in addition for the cost of carriage (of the copper) three obols per mina and the proper 1/60th and as crier's fee on the whole purchase 1/1000th. The purchaser shall receive the due revenues of the priestly offices as soon as the first instalment has been paid to the Crown, and he shall be owner of the land and of its produce, if it has been sown by the former owners, and if it has been leased, those who have cultivated it shall pay the rent to the purchaser in accordance with the contracts made with the cultivators. The purchasers shall pay the 4th part of the price immediately and the remainder in 3 years beginning from year 25, paying annually in Epeiph and Mesore the amount which falls due, and on cattle and implements they shall pay immediately the taxes of . . . and 1/90th. They shall own the properties in the same way as those who formerly possessed them. Whoever wishes shall be permitted to raise the bid, by as much as he pleases while the auction-ring is still open, but only by ten per cent after the auction is ended and until the 1st instalment has been paid ; and (if there is no purchaser) the objects offered shall be classed as unsold after the 6 (?) days prescribed by the ordinance.

papyrus 234

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