Select Papyri, 2.234


Greek text:   PPar 10   (UPZ 1 121)
Date:   156 B.C.

The 25th year, Epeiph 16. A slave of Aristogenes son of Chrysippus, of Alabanda, ambassador, has escaped in Alexandria, by name Hermon also called Nilus, by birth a Syrian from Bambyce, about 18 years old, of medium stature, beardless, with good legs, a dimple on the chin, a mole by the left side of the nose, a scar above the left corner of the mouth, tattooed on the right wrist with two barbaric letters. He has taken with him 3 octadrachms of coined gold, 10 pearls, an iron ring on which an oil-flask and strigils are represented, and is wearing a cloak and a loincloth. Whoever brings back this slave shall receive 3 talents of copper ; if he points him out in a temple, 2 talents ; if in the house of a substantial and actionable man, 5 talents. Whoever wishes to give information shall do so to the agents of the strategos.

There is also another who has escaped with him, Bion, a slave of Callicrates, one of the chief stewards at court, short of stature, broad at the shoulders, stout-legged, bright-eyed, who has gone off with an outer garment and a slave's wrap and a woman's dress (?) worth 6 talents 5000 drachmas of copper. Whoever brings back this slave shall receive the same rewards as for the above-mentioned. Information about this one also is to be given to the agents of the strategos.

papyrus 235

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