Select Papyri, 2.264


Greek text:   PTor 13 ( UPZ_1.118 )
Date:   136 (or 83) B.C.

To the collector of foreign debts in Memphis. Appended is a copy of the decision which has been given. Let the judgement be executed accordingly. Year 34, Tubi 15.

Year 34, Tubi 5, at Memphis in the Memphite nome. chrematistai in the service of the king : Alexander son of Alexander, of the Philometorean deme, Heracleides son of Heracleides, of the Thesmophorian deme, Sogenes son of Sogenes, of the Coinean deme, judges of Crown and fiscal and private cases. Chonouphis son of Petesis having appeared and Psintaes having failed to answer the summons, Chonouphis referring to the petition which he had presented explained at length that he had lent to the defendant according to a contract of aliment registered by the record-office 500 drachmas of silver in favour of the woman therein named, Thaues also called Asclepias, to enable him to furnish to her yearly 60 artabas of olyra and 72 drachmas of silver, to which deed both Thaues the wife of Psintaes and Zmanres their common son had given their approval, a stipulation having been added that their property should be pledged for the rights of the contract ; [ . . . ] and he had therefore demanded that Psintaes should forfeit to him the aforesaid 500 drachmas of silver and the 4 years' total of 240 artabas of olyra at 2 drachmae of silver the artaba [and the 4 years' total of 288 drachmas of silver], making in all 1268 drachmas of silver, and for damages and expenses 5 talents of copper, and that if the defendant did not appear in court an order should be sent to the collector of foreign debts to carry out for the plaintiff the exaction of the aforesaid sums. Whereas the terms of the complaint had been brought to the knowledge of Psintaes, inasmuch as he had personally received a copy of the petition through the assistant of the court, and whereas, although their case was posted up for hearing both before and on the 2nd of the aforesaid month and nevertheless Psintaes did not appear, a further summons had been issued by proclamation to the effect that he should present himself before the court on the present day, otherwise the claim of Chonouphis would be conceded, we therefore, guided by the previous examination and thinking it right that a settlement should ensue in conformity with the circumstances, have given judgement that the petitioner's claim is granted and that an order shall be written to the collector mentioned to carry out for him the exaction of the , . . sums and of the additional items (?)

{Subscribed}   Drawn up by the clerk of the court, Artemidorus . . .

{Signed}   Artemidorus. Has been read over.

{Addressed}   To the collector of foreign debts at Memphis.

papyrus 265

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