Select Papyri, 2.269B


  Greek text:   PEnt 23
Date:   218 B.C. 

The translation of this petition, which was not included in the original collection, is taken from  J.Modrzejewski, "The Jews of Egypt", page 111 ( Google Books ).   See also L.S.Lieber, in "A Companion to Women in the Ancient World", page 329 ( Google Books ).

To King Ptolemy greeting from Helladotē, daughter of Philonides.   I am being wronged by Jonathas, the Jew . . .  He has agreed by a written contract [in accordance with the civic] law of the Jews to hold me [as wife]. Now he wants to renounce [and claims for] 100 drachmas, and also the house: he does not give me my due, and shuts me out of my house . . . and absolutely wrongs me in every respect.   I beg you therefore, my king, to order Diophanes, the strategos, to write to . . . the epistates of Samareia not to let [me be wronged, but] to send Jonathas to Diophanes in order [that he may inquire into the case]. For by this means [I shall no longer be wronged, but having sought your protection, I shall obtain justice].    Farewell.

{Endorsed}   Year 4, Dios 3, Phamenoth [27].   Helladote daughter of Philonides concerning dowry and . . .  

papyrus 270

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