Select Papyri, 2.270A


  Greek text:   SB 24.16295 
Date:   November 199 B.C. 
Translated by:   J.D. Sosin & J.F. Oates

This papyrus, which was not in the original collection, was published with a commentary and English translation by J.D. Sosin & J.F. Oates, "P.Duk.Inv. 314: Agathis, Strategos and Hipparches of the Arsinoite Nome" ( PDF ). 


[To Agathis] strategos and hipparch from Theambesis, daughter of Onnophris, wine-seller.   Being wronged by Heliodorus son of Bromius, one of those who inhabit, as I do, Oxyrhyncha of the Polemon division, I submitted a memorandum to you in order to make clear to you that, since he was an acquaintance of mine, I gave him by hand 1264 drachmas of bronze and 1½ artabas of wheat in the fifth year, in Tybi, on the condition that he pay me the interest on the bronze until Phamenoth 30 of the same year, but when the time had elapsed, when demanded back by me, he gave me a thick cloak {gaunakēs} in Pharmouthi of the same year on the condition that he pick it up on the 30th of the same month, although it was not worth the aforewritten sum. But since when you wrote to Chaerephanes the epistates to send him to you so that he might be compelled to pick up the cloak and give me the aforewritten amount, as I asked, they made no account of me and since the cloak is going to waste on deposit, I ask that you write more forcefully to Chaerephanes, that he, seizing the security, send Heliodorus to you so that I not trouble you over these same matters, but so that I may get aid because of you.   Farewell.

{2nd  hand}    To Chaerephanes. Send to us the accused. Year 7, Thoth 22.

{Address}   To Chaerephanes. For reading

papyrus 271

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