Select Papyri, 2.273


Greek text:   PAmh 33
Date:   About 157 B.C.

To King Ptolemy and Queen Cleopatra the sister, gods Philometores, greeting from Marepathis son of Sisouchus, Patkos son of Onnophris, Tesenouphis son of Marres, Phatres son of Thotoes, and Harp . . . son of Amarantus, cultivators of Crown land, of Socnopaei Nesus in the division of Heracleides in the Arsinoite nome. A trial is due to take place before Zopyrus the epimeletes and Peteharpsenesis the royal scribe, assisted by the chrematistai who judge cases concerning the Crown and the revenues and private affairs in the aforesaid nome and whose clerk is Dexius, between us and Tesenouphis the ex-comarch of the aforesaid village, on the ground of the written declarations which we had submitted to them, concerning certain misdeeds and peculations both of corn and money. Just as our case is being brought into court we hear that the defendant Tesenouphis is appearing with advocates to help him, although your ancestors have ordained by the decree appended that advocates who take up fiscal cases to the detriment of the revenues shall be made to pay to the Crown the ten per cent caution-money doubled and shall not be allowed to act as advocates any longer. We beseech you, the most great gods, if it please you, to send our petition to the said chrematistai in order that when the examination of petitions is held they may forbid Tesenouphis to appear in court with an advocate. For this measure will prevent your interests from suffering any harm. Farewell. King Ptolemy to Apollonius greeting. Seeing that certain of the advocates named below are taking up fiscal cases to the injury of the revenues, give orders that those who have acted as advocates be made to pay to the Crown the ten per cent caution-money doubled and forbid them to act any longer as advocates in any case. If any one of those who are injuring the revenues is convicted of having acted as advocate in any case, send him to us under arrest and confiscate his property to the Crown. Year 27, Gorpiaeus 15.

papyrus 273A

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