Select Papyri, 2.273A


Greek text:   UPZ 1.123
Date:   c. 157/6 B.C. 
Translated by: N. Lewis

The first half of the translation of this petition ( not included in the original collection ) is taken from N. Lewis, "Greeks in Ptolemaic Egypt", p. 28. The evidence for Thracians in Egypt is discussed by J. Bingen, "Hellenistic Egypt: Monarchy, Society, Economy, Culture", ch. 6 ( Google Books ).   


To Poseidonios, the chief of the body-guard and strategos, from Ptolemaios son of Amadokos, Thracian. My mother Asklepias lived with a certain Isidoros, a resident of [the village of] Pitos pursuant to a memorandum of understanding which he drew up for her benefit. By its terms he acknowledged inter alia that he had received from her the dowry she brought worth two talents of bronze, and he undertook to present her with formal marriage lines within a year; that till then they were to live together as man and wife, exercising joint control over their property; and that if he did not do as written, he was forthwith to pay back the dowry with a 50 per cent penalty. In the meantime Asklepias died, with her property belonging to me, and then also Isidoros died; and a certain Antibios and Isidoros and Eudemos seized the property that they left behind; they have laid claim to it and possess it, without returning the dowry. Therefore I request you, if it seems right, to order the aforementioned men to be summoned and to be forced to act justly towards me concerning this matter, and also concerning the interest-bearing loan which I happen to have given to him - capital of 2,450 bronze drachmas and interest of 903 drachmas - concerning which he made an agreement in the presence of Nikanor, the epistatēs of the village. When this happens, I will have received my rights.   Farewell.  

papyrus 273B

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