Select Papyri, 2.273B


  Greek text:   PPolitJud 7
Date:   134 B.C. 
Translated by: R.Kugler

This petition (not in the original collection) was found in an archive of documents from the Jewish community in Heracleopolis, dating to the period 144-133 B.C.   For an analysis of Dorotheos' petition, see R.Kugler, "Dorotheos Petitions for the Return of Philippa" ( PDF ).   


To the archons from Dorotheos of the association {politeuma}. In the 32nd year, when my wife's brother Seuthes stayed with me while he was sick and things were going badly for him, I doctored him for a sufficient time, expending much from my personal means.  Next, upon learning that his daughter had been thrown into debtors' prison, I sent for her, and while the two of them were living with me Seuthes also gave Philippa into my charge [(?) as a member of the household] so that she might be with me, [first] on account of what I had expended for the two of them, and second, on account of his confidence in my wife. But Iona, his wife, seized Philippa, and made her at home with her other sister in Paanamei. I ask, if it seems right, that you summon her and compel her to afford me justice.  Live well.   

{Docketed} Year 36, Pachon 22. We have decided to rule on the case.    On the 24th. Instruction of the archons: the matter shall be brought forth on the 21st of Pauni.   

papyrus 274

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