Select Papyri, 2.275


Greek text: BGU 1256
Date:   2nd cent B.C.

To Peteharpochrates, village scribe of Philadelphia, from Hermon son of Theocritus, Macedonian, of the troop of Protogenes and his son Protogenes, of the 7th hipparchy, holder of 80 arourai. Whereas, although certain persons had been impressed on the 16th of Thoth of the 35th year as lampadarchs at the advertised games, I have been impressed as lampadarch of the foot-race for men on the 19th of the same month, improperly because I have no means or substance to provide the requirements of the lampadarchy but am existing on a small income which is barely sufficient for myself and my wife and children, and whereas they have released those whom they had impressed before me as lampadarchs at the said games, conspiring with them and favouring them, I request you not to allow me to be unfairly treated but to refer my case to the gymnasiarch and to the juniors belonging to the gymnasium at Philadelphia, in order that I may be released from the lampadarchy, or, failing that, to forward my petition to the proper ofiicial, in order that I may not . . .

papyrus 276

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