Select Papyri, 2.280


Greek text:   WChr 176
Date:   A.D. reign of Nero.

To Philoxenus, ex-cosmetes, strategos of the division of Themistes in the Arsinoite nome, from Hericus son of Satabous, of Socnopaei Nesus. As long ago as the 13th year of the deified Claudius I leased from the former estate of Narcissus an oil-factory at a rent of 200 drachmas and three choes of oil. But as afterwards the superintendents of the estate did not give me either iron sockets or the other things which were needed for the oil-press, I was compelled to supply them by purchase at my own expense, likewise a lever and mortars and the other necessaries, all at my own expense, for they paid no attention to me. Since therefore the factory itself was in a state of collapse and I was compelled to put in beams and props and for two years have been compelled, though not using the factory, to pay the rent from my own resources, I request you, as I am no longer able to support the losses, to constrain the superintendents to leave me free from molestation about the rent.

papyrus 281

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