Select Papyri, 2.282


Greek text:   PAmh 77   L.1-33
Date:   A.D. 139.

To his excellency the epistrategos Julius Petronianus from Pabous son of Stotoetis son of Panomieus, priest, of the village of Socnopaei Nesus in the division of Heracleides in the Arsinoite nome, Arab archer at the custom-house of the said Socnopaei Nesus. Not because I sought an occasion of accusation (?), but because I saw the Treasury being defrauded by Polydeuces, who contrary to the prohibition has now for four years been in charge of the aforesaid custom-house, and by Harpagathes son of Ero . . ., I presented to the overseers of the nomarchy a copy of the returns which I possessed in Harpagathes' own hand of the imports and exports passing through the custom-house, requesting that an examination of them should be made in order to determine whether the taxes upon them had been added to the Treasury account. Polydeuces having discovered this attacked me with other persons whose names I do not know and belaboured me with many blows, and not satisfied with this set upon me Heraclas, one of the swordbearers attached to the domains, and the two of them taking me up by force carried me to the counting-house of the superintendent of the domains and caused me ... to be scourged in order to make me give up to them the register of Harpagathes, an act which became known both to the overseers of the nomarchy and to the beneficiarius then in the district. I am therefore compelled to present this petition, requesting you, if you think fit, to send for Polydeuces and Harpagathes, the chief cause and prime mover in the mischief, in order that I may present the proofs against them and enjoy your beneficence. Farewell.

papyrus 283

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