Select Papyri, 2.289


Greek text:   PGen 16
Date:   A.D. 207.

To Julius Julianus, centurion, from Herieus son of Stotoetis, stone-cutter, Paboukas son of Pabous, Herieus son of Pakusis, Apunchis son of Horion, Esouris son of Paouites, Demas son of Demas, Orsenouphis son of Herieus, Petesouchus son of Sotas, Horus whose mother is Thaisas, Soterichus whose father's name is unknown and whose mother is Thaesis, Teikas son of Pakusis, Pates son of Satabous, Pabous son of Pabous, Kannis son of Pates, Sostus son of Pabous, Pais son of Satabous, Pakusis son of Psenesis, Apunchis son of Apunchis, Abous son of Satabous, Pakusis son of Herieus, Pousi son of Matais, Pakusis son of Apunchis, Satabous son of Pakusis, Aeis son of Kannes, Melas son of Areus, all of the village of Socnopaei Nesus in the division of Heracleides. We submit to you, my lord, a complaint which craves for redress at your hands, the matter being as follows. There exists here a stretch of shore registered as part of the area of our village, consisting of a great number of arourai, and whenever the said land is uncovered by the water, it is leased and sown according to custom, paying rent aroura by arura, which rent is delivered in kind to the most sacred Treasury; and it is owing to just this portion of land that all the liabilities of the village, which are very large, are paid, because the village has no private land or Crown land or any other kind. But in order that all may be able to remain in their own homes, especially as the most illustrious praefect Subatianus Aquila has ordered all persons who are strangers to return home and apply themselves to their customary business, we accordingly, seeing that a certain Orseus son of Stotoetis and his brothers, numbering five persons in all, have descended upon us preventing us from sowing the land described, are forced to present this petition, requesting you. if it please you, to order them to be brought before you to answer for their action. Farewell. Year 16, Phaophi 14.

papyrus 290

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