Select Papyri, 2.294


Greek text: POxy 1204
Date:   A.D. 299.

In the consulship of our lords the Emperors Diocletianus Augustus for the 7th time and Maximianus Augustus for the 6th time. To Aurelius Zenogenes, strategos of the Oxyrhynchite nome, from Aurelius Plutarchus also called Atactius, excellency, and however I am styled. Having been nominated wrongfully and in contravention of all law for the decemprimate by Aurelius Demetrianus, decemprimus of the western nomarch and the toparchy, I brought an action of appeal through my father Aurelius Sarapammon also called Dionysius, and however he is styled, because I was at that time in the Small Oasis for the discharge of the soldiers stationed there, in accordance with the order of my lord the most eminent praefect of Egypt Aelius Publius, and having taken the proper steps for the appeal I had recourse to my lord the most eminent catholicus Pomponius Domnus, and applied to him in a memorandum setting these facts before him. Whereas then his highness ordered me by a judgement to give notice to the aforesaid person, the essential part of the proceedings and the judgement being as follows :

In the consulship of our lords Diocletianus Augustus for the 7th time and Maximianus Augustus for the 6th time, August 19 at Alexandria, in court. Plutarchus, an excellency, having been summoned, Isidorus said : His excellency Plutarchus who has presented himself before your eminence, endeavouring to procure a release from municipal offices, some time ago besought the divine fortune of our masters the Augusti and Caesars to grant him the rank of excellency, and their divine fortune consented and granted it, and he now enjoys it. Now he has continued in obedience to your lordship's department and also to the orders of you magnates. But lately when he was in the Small Oasis, where he had been sent by my lord your colleague Publius the most eminent praefect to discharge the soldiers, a certain Demetrianus, an Oxyrhynchite of the same city as himself, ventured of design to nominate him for the decemprimate, ignoring his acquisition of a superior rank, which presumably releases him from municipal offices. After other evidence Domnus the most eminent catholicus said : Read the day of his appointment. Plutarchus said : Pauni 30. I was away in the Oasis ; I came back when I knew. Domnus the most eminent catholicus said : Let the document concerning the appointment be produced, and let him also show the consequent correspondence, as I ordered ; and that he may be heard in a more regular way, let him give notice to the person who nominated (?) him for the decemprimate. Gregorius said : Give orders for the issue of the minutes. Domnus the most eminent catholicus said : They shall be issued. I, Olympius, official notary, issued the minutes.

I therefore beg, if it seem good to you, . . .

papyrus 295

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