Select Papyri, 2.296


Greek text: POxy 1033
Date:   A.D. 392.

In the consulship of our master Arcadius, eternal Augustus, for the 2nd time and of Flavius Rufinus the most illustrious, Phaophi 21. To Septimius Paulus and Claudius Tatiaiuis, riparii of the Oxyrhynchite nome, from the Aurelii Gaius and Theon, both night-strategoi of the metropolis. Being appointed to the care of the peace we execute public orders irreproachably, while also attending to the watching of the city ; but being constantly under the necessity of producing various persons in accordance with the command of our lords the superior magistrates and having no assistance either of public guards or inspectors we often run the risk, one might almost say, of our lives, because these assistants have been taken from us and we go about the city keeping watch all alone. Therefore to safeguard ourselves we present this petition requesting either that we should be given the proper assistance of the public guards and the inspectors as aforesaid or that we should be free from molestation with regard to the watching of the city and the production of persons who are wanted, in order that we may not be held responsible at our peril.

papyrus 297

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