Select Papyri, 2.297


Greek text: PSI 1075
Date:   A.D. 458.

To Flavius Valerius the most learned defensor of the city of Oxyrhynchus from Aurelia Sophia daughter of Anouthius, of the said city. My husband having been cast out by his own father and charged by him with debts amounting to fourteen solidi, these I was able to honour by selling the articles of my dowry and the nuptial gift, and toiling together with him my husband I was able also to procure for ourselves a home ; but he, failing to preserve a kindly attitude towards me, seeks on every occasion to cast me out, though no fault can be found against me. For this reason I humbly beseech your erudition to command that he be brought before you and compelled to restore both the gift and the dowry, and I beg you to give me an order concerning the marriage, most learned lord defensor.
{Signed}   I, Aurelia Sophia, have presented this petition.
{Dated}   In the consulship of our master Flavius Leon, eternal Augustus, for the 1st time, Mesore 10.

papyrus 298

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