Select Papyri, 2.302


Greek text: POxy 1031
Date:   A.D. 228.

To Aurelius Demetrius also called Alexander, ex-chief priest, and Aurelius Dioscorus, agoranomus, both senators of the city of Oxyrhynchus, elected by their excellencies the senate to superintend the distribution of seed for the present 8th year in the upper toparchy, from Aurelius Biaeus son of Biaeus and Taiolle, from the village of Episemus. I request that there be assigned to me, as one of the loans of seed from the wheat crop of the past 7th year for the sowing of the present 8th year, 30 artabas for the public land which I cultivate at a rent of not less than 2 artabas (per aroura) in the area of the village of Sko in the name of Lucius Aurelius Apollonius and his son Lucius Aurelius Matraeus also called Heraiscus, comprising in the holding of Odeas 261/2 arourai and in the holding of Pedieus 31/2 arourai, total 30 arourai. These 30 artabas I will clear of barley and darnel and sow upon the land honestly and in good faith under the cognizance of those appointed for that duty, and I will repay out of the new crop an equal amount with the accompaniments at the same time as the regular dues upon the land for the present 8th year by the public half-artaba measure and according to the measurement ordered ; and I swear by the fortune of Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Caesar the lord that I have made no false statement. The 8th year of the Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Pius Felix Augustus, Choiak.

{Signed}   Presented by me, Aurelius Biaeus son of Biaeus . . .

papyrus 303

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