Select Papyri, 2.305


Greek text: POxy 1467
Date:   A.D. 263.

. , . (Laws have been made), most eminent praefect, which empower women who are honoured with the right of three children to be independent and act without a guardian in whatever business they transact, especially those who know how to write. Accordingly, as I too enjoy the happy honour of being blessed with children and as I am a literate woman able to write with a high degree of ease, it is with abundant security that I appeal to your highness by this my application with the object of being enabled to accomplish without hindrance whatever business I henceforth transact, and I beg you to keep it without prejudice to my rights in your eminence's office, in order that I may obtain your support and acknowledge my unfailing gratitude. Farewell. I, Aurelia Thaisous also called Lolliana, have sent this for presentation. The 10th year, Epeiph 21.
{Annotation}   Your application shall be kept in the office.

papyrus 306

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