Select Papyri, 2.308


Greek text: POxy 1887
Date:   A.D. 538.

In the consulship of the most honourable Flavius Joannes, Pharmouthi 20, 1st indiction, in the city of Oxyrhynchus. To the office of the collection of taxes of the division and estate of Timagenes of noble memory, through you the reputable . . . Theodorus, assistant to the collector of taxes in this illustrious city of Oxyrhynchus, from Flavia Euethia the most noble daughter of Apollos of discreet memory, formerly . . ., of this illustrious city of Oxyrhynchus. From the public lists in your custody remove from the name of Theoprepia my late mother the public impost payable on the property included in my dowry and brought by me to my husband the worshipful Julius ... as dowry conformably to the marriage contract concluded between us, namely, for corn-tax a total of . . . artabas of cleansed wheat of the canon, by public cancellus measure, and for money taxes of all kinds on the property 85/8 carats, in full, and together with the imposts the customary expenses of all kinds connected with them ; and enter and register all these the above-written public imposts to the name of my said husband the said worshipful Julius, from the corn-tax and money-taxes of the (D.V.) second indiction inclusive and for ever hereafter. And for the security of your admirableness and of the public account I have made this application for registration with my signature as aforesaid.

{Signed}   I, the aforesaid Flavia Eucthia the most noble daughter of Apollos of discreet memory, formerly . . ., have made this application for registration ... as above, and have signed . . .

papyrus 309

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